The Bright Light Social Hour: Is a band

I heard their song in that one TV show or something
— A human that identifies as a girl some times, but not all, Overheard at the beach

The humans that

make this stuff  

Four noise bois, they make noise and they're bois, that's pretty much it. They live in Austin. Look at them. They're looking at each other. There's shoulder contact. Jack is holding an invisible joint. Curtis rubs Edward's shoulder in a manner only reserved for his closest loved ones. Joseph is alone with the photographer.  

The picture was selected to be emotionally relatable and to establish a geniune sense of rapport, the kinda thing that says "Hey those guys look like they love each other" or maybe cause the viewer to think "I think I'd like to have a beer with those gents, and then become a fan and support these four people who've decided for a strange reason, maybe because of their childhood, to spend their entire life making noises and travelling to weird places and maybe not quite doing enough laundry but that's ok because no amount of clean clothes will fill the gaping void they're clearly trying to fill with making art for their friends as a means of not feeling completely isolated in the world," all of which is really there to hide the fact that Joseph's shoes are muddy from playing the festival they were at that day. 


Edward Braillif

Keyboards / Guitar

Joseph Mirasole

Drums / Not Talking On Stage

Jack O'Brien

Bass / Vocals

Curtis Roush

Guitar / Vocals