WATCH: "Missing Something" Video

Just a heads up - the video consists of frogs jumping off of boobs in slow motion, so, NSFW for you 9-5ers. Watch below.

This video has been a dream of mine for so long, and we're so proud to share it! If you enjoy, we'd deeply appreciate you helping us spread the word!

A little about the song and video:

The song was written while my late brother, Alex, was suffering from severe bipolar depression. At the time, he and I were living at our studio, and for what felt like years the air continued to grow heavy, foreboding, all-consuming. I think deep down we both knew what was coming, that we were powerless to stop it. Though the lyrics didn't mean much to me initially, they proved to be a foreshadowing of Alex's eventual suicide, as did Curt's terrified guitar freak-outs and ghostly backing vocals as well as Jo's ominous and weighty drumming. There is a lightness though, halfway through each progression when the keys lift then resolve, like we all knew somewhere ahead there was some relief, some light, some peace beyond the unstoppable weight of nothingness.

Alex, the band and I joked about the video concept for a long time, and honestly, I put off production because I had no idea who to ask to be in it. I finally decided if I reached out to enough people someone would be down. To my surprise though, just about everyone I reached out to was thrilled to be a part of it, and I had far more frog-breasts than I could fit into two and a half minutes. We found a gorgeous red-eyed Costa Rican tree frog that we named Snoop Frogg to be the star, along with Kermit (the green tree frog) and Mr. Pickles (the super fat pixie frog).

For me, the video is about that fear of death. Deep down inside we know that without death there is no life, and if we had the courage to look it in the face, there could be nothing more uplifting, joyous and spirit-freeing. Yet the second we allow ourselves to ponder it or let it get to us, we immediately turn away and search for peace elsewhere, kinda like these frogs jumping from breast to breast. There's a light at the end of the tunnel that beckons, but rather than stay bathing in its nourishment, we grow scared and jump away.

Maybe I'm overthinking it. Hope you enjoy!

Listen to our latest EP, Missing Something, here. And stay tuned because we have a lot of exciting things coming in the new year!

All the love!!
Jackie O + TBLSH

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